Hail Damage

Hail damage to a roof is nearly impossible to identify from the ground, with the exception being baseball size hail and greater. Hail can damage any roof regardless of its age. An older roof is more susceptible to damage than a newer roof. The only way to inspect a roof for hail damage is to access all slopes. There are several other items that might alert a homeowner that their roof is hail damaged. These other damages are called collateral damages and may include; gutters, downspouts, window glazing strips, vinyl siding, fencing, painted surfaces and ceiling stains. Many times these damages are missed by both the homeowner and insurance adjuster.

Hail damage an asphalt roof

The granules on your roof serve two purposes; to protect the asphalt saturated fiberglass mate from the UV rays of the sun, add weight to prevent blow offs. When hail impacts your roof, it can drive the granules into the asphalt saturated fiberglass mat causing an obvious break/hole or create a bruise. The bruise is the most difficult to identify, and left unrepaired will eventually result in a leak. Hail damage will void most shingle manufactures warranty, and reduce the life expectancy of your roof.


Wind Damage

Wind damage to an asphalt roof can be obvious such as; tree limb penetration, missing or torn shingles. The wind can lift shingles without blowing it off your roof too. These lifted shingles can develop a crease and allow debris underneath preventing the shingle from re-sealing. These creased, lifted or unsealed shingles are now wind damaged, and can result in a roof leak. These wind damages will void most shingle manufactures warranty, and reduce the life expectancy of your roof.

What should I do after a wind or hail storm?

Call Fuller Commercial & Residential first, we offer a free Wind/Hail roof inspection. Remember not every roof sustains damage, even if your neighbor’s roof was replaced, yours may not be damaged. We may advise you not to file claim, if we can’t find damage, it’s not there. We won’t waste your time or ours by urging you to report a claim, when there is no damage. Ask about our Insurance Claim Concierge Service.

What is the Fuller Commercial & Residential Insurance Claim Concierge Service?

  • Starts with a free no obligation complete building inspection (Residential or Commercial) to identify all storm related damages
  • If damages are found, we will meet with your Insurance Adjuster to assist him/her in identifing all damages
  • We will complete all repairs in your Insurance Company estimate


The Fuller Commercial & Residential Insurance Claim Concierge Service Advantage

Our Inspectors are:

  • Multi-state licensed insurance adjusters, including Texas, and inspected over 10,000 wind and hail damages roofs.
  • State licensed insurance adjusters have passed an FBI criminal background check
  • Extensive insurance company training to identify storm related damages
  • Annual continuing education to maintain state licenses

Certified Installers

Our installers have decades of experience installing roofs and are continuously trained to provide the best installation available today. We have obtained Certainteed’s Select Shingle Master Accreditation and Solar Accreditation